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Summer Curriculum 2019 Includes


Disney Week

Exploring Magical Kingdom, Disney classics Mini Mouse, Mickey Mouse.

If you can dream it, you can do it!


National Ice Cream Day- July 15th

Social Emphasis: Acceptance of Multi-Cultural Differences

Math: 1-30 counting

Gross Motor: Tumbling

Pirate & Mermaids Week

Get your treasure maps ready! This week will consist of dressing like pirates, singing pirate songs, and finding gold with our special treasure maps. And exploring the underwater mysteries of a mermaid. Ahoy matey!

Social Emphasis: Acceptance of Multi-Cultural Differences

Math: 1-40 counting and weighing objects

Gross Motor: Running

Wilderness Adventures

Join us as we explore the great outdoors! We will learn about nature, camping, how to set up a camp site, things we would find in the wilderness etc. We hope you know a lot of campfire songs. If not, we have plenty to share.

National Watermelon Day-Aug. 3rd

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day-Aug.2nd

Social Emphasis: Cooperation

Math: 1-40 counting and sequencing

Gross Motor: Balancing

Carnival Games/ Circus Week

Clowns, elephants, lions/Tigers, Seals and acrobats will set the stage for this theme. Not to mention all the magic tricks and carnival games. Children will learn to balance like an acrobat, juggle di9fferent items and have fun being silly.

Social Emphasis: Self Control

Math: 1-50/ Sequencing

Gross Motor: Balancing, juggling


Every person has had someone they look up to at some point in their life. This week we will be learning about superheroes weather their ones we have seen in the movies or people who are in our everyday lives.

Dress like your favorite Superhero- Aug.16th

Social Emphasis: Using our manners

Math: 1-50 and Patterning

Gross Motor: Skipping and Jumping

End of the Year Summer Celebration

August 20st-August 24th

Beach party, dance party, summer picnic and pretending to be our favorite Disney characters. Although we are sad to see the summer go, we are prepping for another awesome school year. What better way to spend our last week of summer

Social Emphasis: Using our manners

Math: 1-100 and Patterning

Gross Motor: Children’s Yoga



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