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It’s that time a year again, back to school! We are also so excited to kick off this year’s school year curriculum. Welcome back everyone; we hope you all enjoyed your summer.

Paving of the parking lot is scheduled on September 6thand we are being told it will progress for 5 days.

Scholastic Book Orders are due: September 12th(School Code KYJFW)


Wednesday is Pizza Day! For $4 your child will receive 2 slices of pizza, a healthy snack, and a drink. Please inform staff on the morning of if you wish to purchase pizza.

If your child is out sick or going to be late, please remember to notify the center by 9 a.m.

A reminder that tuition is now done through your email account in which you receive an invoice. This payment must still be paid by Friday at 10 a.m. in order to avoid the $10 late fee. For EACH DAY the tuition is late, there is a $10 charge PER DAY.


What’s happening in your child’s Classroom?

Infant 1:  Ms. Victoria would like to welcome Carter and Paisley to her class! It’s been great getting to know them and they are getting adjusted to their new environment.  Ms. Victoria has been working with Carter on rolling over. He’s so close, we can’t wait! Carter loves to smile and laugh while playing with his friends.  His favorite activity so far is tummy time during circle time in the morning! Paisley is doing so well.  She also loves tummy time and is really moving on the floor.  She is constantly trying to get into crawling position so we might have a crawler in the near future.  Paisley is so adventurous and we can’t wait to see how much she grows in the next month. Ethan is doing amazing!  He is still working on sitting up on his own but just recently he has started to move a lot on the floor along with Paisley. During tummy time, we’ve been putting toys farther away and he’s been utilizing all of his body parts to get to the object.  He loves his friends and especially loves reading stories with Ms. Victoria and them throughout the day.  Tommy is getting so big!  Hereally loves standing in the exersaucer so he can see everything that is going on. He loves song and story time. We’ve been working on sitting up on our own but his favorite is tummy time and being able to roll with his friends on the floor. Blake is getting so big. She loves snuggling in the rocking chair and finger plays. She is obsessed with our red bird rattle. We’ve been working on tummy time to strengthen her neck. She’s been lifting her head up a little bit on her own, which is awesome! She loves to be talked to and finds comfort when others are talking around her. Bryce is now sitting on his own and is doing so well sleeping in his crib. We love his signature sleep style where one arm always has to be up on his head, ha-ha! He loves to dance in his teacher’s arms and any toy that plays music. We can’t wait to see what the next month bring for him. Miles has officially graduated to infant two and we miss him. Tommy and Bryce have started to transition to infant two. We are so happy for them and can’t believe they’re growing up so fast.

Infant 2: William can now wave and clap. He’s been pulling himself up onto some of our stuff in the classroom. Miles is doing awesome with finger foods and is able to walk around the classroom with our toy walker. He loves doing art and anything with music. He’s starting to notice his voice and babbling so much. He likes to say “oh”. Ava is almost walking! She is walking around the classroom while holding onto things and loves to sit in her big girl chair at the blue table. Micah is now crawling. He’s moving around everywhere and is starting to eat solids. He too has noticed his voice and loves to babble with Miles. Avery just started with us this month and she had a great first day so far. She’s so sweet and loves to walk around and play with her new friends. We can’t wait to get to know her more. Hudson is almost starting to crawl forward! He loves exploring in the ball pit and is doing so well with his solid foods. He drinks like a pro from a Sippy cup now and loves to smile. Xander just turned one! He eats solids and is crawling now. He loves to wave hello and goodbye to everyone. He’s also starting to pull himself up onto stuff. He loves to babble with Miles and Micah. All of the children are obsessed with the Baby Shark song. There’s never a dull moment when we sing/play the song.

Toddler 1:  Ms. Dhanyah is excited for her new friends that have moved on up to her classroom.  Ms. Dhanyah would like to welcome Charlie, Mason, Aiden and Victoria.Charlise, Aiden, and Mason are our new walkers and they are loving their new classroom. Aiden loves to dance and clap to any music. He is such a smiley boy and has been interacting a lot more with his friends. His favorite area in his new classroom is the kitchen area. He loves opening and closing the fridge and oven and putting food inside!

Toddler 2:  Ms. Alanis would like to welcome Connor, Jackson, Aubrey, and James.  We are very excited about the school year curriculum. We will be working on identifying our letters, shapes and numbers in English and Spanish. We will all be working diligently on potty training. Alanis has fun and exciting projects for the children to explore different textures. Ms. Alanis will be incorporating her ukulele into the classroom environment to help encourage following directions and sharing in the classroom routine.  As a whole Ms. Alanis will be introducing premature tempo and dynamics during circle time with the drum.  As a whole the class will be encourage to work on manners, sharing with peers and cleaning up after themselves. Please be sure to check your child’s extra clothes bins for weather permitted attire.

Toddler 3:   It’s hard to believe summer is over. Our Friends have had a fantastic summer and enjoyed the fun events we planned. They loved exploring with the water and practicing their large motor skills outside. We are wishing some of our friends a farewell as they move on up to our preschool classroom. We are so happy to see Sasha, Sage, Norah, and Joey. Ahleyah and Jack are next to move on up to the preschool room once they become fully potty trained but has been in transition to preschool. Ms. Barbara and Ms. Cheyenne have all new Friends to welcome this school year. They would like to welcome Bowen, Sloane, Gabriella, Alex and our newest addition Kendall to our Toddler 3 classroom. We will be looking forward to getting to know all of our new friends and exploring their abilities to encourage growth. Potty training will be pressed, Parents please just converse with the teachers as to what you’re doing at home.

Preschool:  As the summer comes to an end and the 2018-2019 school year begins; we would like to welcome lots of new faces to our Preschool Program. Ms. Makayla would like to welcome Sasha, Sage, Norah, Melia, Jacob, Kayla, Raina, and Joey. All of our newest Friends starting this School year in our preschool classroom. The children will be working hard on getting back in the school year routine. We have an exciting school year planned with a very intense curriculum for our Kiddos. The children will be working on their literacy skills, exploring in science and using scientific thinking to make predictions, as well as sorting, matching and group in our math center. Each child will continue to work diligently on their first and last name recognition, and our goal is to get them to identify their address, phone number and birthday before they leave us here in preschool. Over the month of September we will be striving to have each child make new friends, explore all the interest centers we have available and help encourage them to excel to their full potential. We start the school year discussing and learning “All about myself” and then we move onto “Friends are wonderful/Emotions.” We will wrap up the month with “Exploring our bodies” and a favorite exploring with “Apples.” Progress Report will be going out Mid October. Please remember to check your child’s cubbies for art work and notes being sent home.


Important Dates

September 3rd- Labor Day- Center will be closed

September 9th- Grandparents Day

September 12th– Scholastic Book Order Due (School Code KYJFW)

September 19th- Jump Bunch Trail @9:30 AM

September 26th- Johnny Appleseed’s Birthday



Have a great month!

APTG Staff


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