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Quote: “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get” – Forrest Gump

Happy February! Groundhog Day falls on February 2nd (Friday) let’s all hope he doesn’t see his shadow lurking, otherwise we will have six more LONG weeks of winter. Although, we have been lucky this year. Monday February 5th is wear your favorite football team gear! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, please join in the fun and have your child wear the Valentine’s Day colors on 2/14, Wednesday. Also, on February 9th have your child bring in their favorite stuffed animal for “Love Your Pet Week”. Let’s have a great month!  Spring will be here before we know it!

Themes of the week:      Feb 5-9: LOVE OUR PETS

      Feb 12-16: LOVE IS IN THE AIR


      Feb-March 2: DR. SEUSS JAMBOREE

Now that the weather has gotten quite chilly, PLEASE be sure you are sending your child in with the proper outdoor gear (hats, gloves, scarves, winter coat, and snow pants) because all children go outside 2 times a day for at least 20-30 minutes each time.  Be sure to check out your child’s classroom lesson plans to see what exciting things they will be learning. 

What your children are doing:

Infant 1: Our babies are growing up! Infant one is having so much fun between tummy time and sitting up!  We also have fresh faces in our classroom.  Parker, Jaxon and Averie. We welcome them with open arms. Jaxon and Parker are adjusting very well.  Jaxon loves sitting in the bumbo.  Parker likes to bounce in the excer-saucer.  Madelyn has started army crawling and scooting all around the room.  Everett loves to stand and can officially sit for an extended period of time.  Romy has been sitting in a tripod position and babbling up a storm. She also enjoys kicking her feet to make herself bounce in the bouncer. Ryan has been doing great with tummy time and his fine motor skills.  He loves being in the swing and looking at himself in the mirror.  He also loves to have conversations with his friends and teachers. Nico will be missed as he ventures on a new journey, we hope he comes back to visit.  We will miss watching him dance, he loves music! This month we will be working on our Valentine’s Day crafts which we are all so excited about! Let’s have a great February!


Infant 2: We would like to welcome Alina and Celena to our classroom.  Amanda has been transitioning to Toddler 1.  Corrine, Sophia, Charlotte and Evelyna have been doing great with being on the toddler schedule.  They all will be transitioning to Toddler 1. Kennedy loves interacting with her friends and building blocks. Jeremy has been doing great pulling himself up and standing up. We are so proud of our friends in Infant 2.  February love bugs are excited for Valentine’s Day! We will be continuing to work on our art projects. We love to get messy with paint! We will continue to sing our ABC’s and count our 123’s.  Our favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus”. We will continue to learn how to feed ourselves. Happy February from Infant 2!


Toddler 1: Happy Valentine’s Day from Toddler 1! Our hearts are full of love as we center into February and see how much our children have grown. We welcome many new friends into our classroom from Infant 1. Spanish words of the month are “Agua/Water” and “Leche /Milk”  This month we will continue to expand their minds with colors, shapes, and numbers as well as counting to review what they have already learned. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to talk to us at any time. Please remember to bring in boots, snow pants, hats, and mittens. The weather is only going to get colder. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Toddler 2: All of our love bugs in T2 are doing so well learning their colors, shapes, ABC’s & 123’s!  This month we will be focusing on “Sharing” with our friends. We are anxious to see if Mr. Groundhog is going to see his shadow or not.  We also will be doing our Valentine’s Day arts and crafts which we are so excited about. Damian enjoys doing kitchen play.  Fox and Jensen enjoys sitting for circle.  Austin, and Nathan K get excited when we play with the parachute. Savannah likes dancing to music with Tristan and Kaylee. We want to wish Fox a good luck as he moves on to a different adventure.  Please come back to visit!  We would like to wish Savannah a very Happy Birthday.  If you’d like to bring in goodies, please see the sign-up sheet on the office door.  Please check your child’s bin for warm clothes.


Toddler 3: Hello from Toddler 3!  We would like to welcome Zachary to our classroom.  We are blasting off with many new skills. We are working hard on identifying letters! We are also learning how to spell our name and draw basic shapes.  We have been practicing on remembering “What day is today?” and “What month/year are we in?” We have been doing an awesome job with potty training. As a class we know how to count to 15. We will be talking about Valentine’s Day and what it means to us! Vernon is doing very well with his hand-over hand writing.  He is also eager to show all his friends what he knows.  Joel has been super helpful in the classroom.  He also loves to bring smiles to everyone in T3. We are working on writing and spelling names as well as recognizing the letters in our names. Liliana has been showing us all how super smart she is during circle time, with her counting, letters, and shapes. For Valentine’s Day Miss Danielle will be bringing in treats for her classroom.      


Toddler Four: Toddler 4 is spreading the love for the month of February! We are trying to stress the importance of sharing with our peers and caring for our friends when needed.  Potty training is becoming a huge success with some of our little ones! We are so happy they are getting the hang of it.  We appreciate the parents help by working on their potty training at home as well!  Josiah has almost mastered the potty.  He is also doing an amazing job with counting. Iuverie will be transitioning into preschool.  Charlotte and Iuverie have been doing so great with writing their names.  Sophia has been doing very well with the potty training.  She loves singing and dancing with her friends.  Please make sure you are sending your child in with the proper winter attire (gloves, hats, scarves, etc).  We do go outside if it’s above 32 degrees.  Happy February!


Preschool: We are so excited about the month of February.  Last month the preschool class focused on our personal social skills such as following basic rules/direction.  Physical skill: using fine motor (eye and hand coordination).  As we enter the month of February, we look forward to doing some fun activates by allowing children to create their own idea’s. We will also focus on our language/literacy skills by learning nursery rhymes/rhyming words.  If you have any question or concerns, please stop by the class and see Miss Heather/Miss Tara.  Parents please keep in mind that we still go outside during the cold weather, please provide the proper clothing to keep the children nice and warm. 





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