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April Happenings!

Quote “We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Happy April, folks! Warmer weather is finally here to stay, we hope! We hope everyone enjoyed Easter.  The children had a blast on the Easter egg hunt. The children also enjoyed seeing handprints from the sneaky little leprechaun.  We didn’t catch him this time, but he left his hat and some gold coins for us! April 22nd is Earth Day, so we will be celebrating on Monday April 23rd. Wear green, brown, or environmental colors for the day; think “tree"! Will we be doing activities with the children and showing them what being “green” is all about. We will sing songs about pollution, and plants.  We are also planting some seeds and watching the plants grow with time. Remember, every day is Earth Day. Anything to help our environment is a great thing to do on Earth Day and every day.

Picture Day:  Wednesday April 25th and Thursday April 26th. For more information please ask administration. Please like our Facebook page and see what exciting things are going on in the center.  https://www.facebook.com/aplacetogrowtoo

Weekly Tuition is due by 10:00 am on Friday morning.  If your Tuition is not in by 10:00 am on Friday morning you will be charged a $10.00 late fee, and the late fees will accumulate for every day that tuition is not received. 

What your children are doing:

Infant 1:  We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of warmer weather.  We can’t wait to open our windows and get some fresh air. Please be sure to swap out winter gear.  Let’s find out what’s been going on with our babies. Jaxon loves to sit in the high chair and sits up on his own!  He also visited Infant 2 which he loves! Madelyn is officially in Infant 2.  She’s starting to crawl and pulling herself up to stand on things. She is talking so much.  She loves saying “hi, bye, owl, baby”.  Everett is transitioning to Infant 2.  He loves playing with bubbles.  He learned how to wave and does it daily now.  We are working on pulling himself up.  Parker is getting used to sleeping in the pack-n-play. He also loves to sit in the high chair and watch everyone. He’s starting to sit on his own!  Ryan is starting to sit up on his own. He’s mastered rolling over. Averie loves to bounce in the bouncer and is a lot more vocal.  She’s also enjoying tummy time.  Quinn F is had a good 1st month.  She enjoys tummy time and loves to sit and watch her friends in the classroom. Romy is going to start transitioning to Infant 2.  She will be crawling in no time! She’s doing a great job with solids, but we found out she is not a fan of carrots.  Her facial expressions are priceless, ha-ha.    Let’s have a great April!


Infant 2:  Spring has sprung. Infant 2 is welcoming spring with open arms! We can’t wait to feel the warmer weather.  We will be able to enjoy some outside time. Jeremy is working hard on trying to walk on his own.  Once he gets the hang of it he will be transitioning to Toddler 1!  Everett is transitioning from Infant 1 and is loving it in our classroom. He’s happy to be able to spend time with his cousin Madelyn. We also want to wish Everett a happy 1st birthday!  Alina is officially crawling. Alina is also turning one in April!  Happy Birthday, Alina! Celena was transitioned into a classroom with children his own age and is doing such a great job! Infant 2 will be working on spring projects such as flowers, umbrellas, rainbows and more! We are excited for the warmer weather to arrive so we can have playtime outside. We say GOODBYE to winter and HELLO to SPRING!


Toddler 1: Hello Parents! As we spring into April we will be busy bees working on our ABC’s, 123’s, colors, and shapes.  We will also be working with our older friends how to sit in our “big boy/girl” chairs. We will continue on learning more sign language such as “please” and “thank you”.  Corrine’s new favorite word is “no”.  Ha-ha. Amanda is talking more.  Gioia is transitioning to Toddler 2.  Please check out the curriculum to see what the themes of the week are. We will continue to show our friends that sharing is caring.  Please check your child’s artwork folder to take home their masterpieces.


Toddler 2: T2 is super excited for several fun activities planned for the month of April! We are happy to say goodbye to the cold weather and welcome back warmer weather, which means more outside time! We are welcoming Callie and Gioia as they start their transition from T1.   This month we will be working closely with each child on sharing with our friends. We are also focusing on respecting our classmates as well as our teachers.  Damian and Mateo love playing with the toy trucks.  Gioia enjoys the parachute play.  Connor and Jensen like singing songs during circle time.  Austin and Noah have a blast with the sensory table. We are ready April!


Toddler 3: Happy Spring from all of us in T3!  We’d like to welcome Caiden to our classroom.  Nathan L. is doing an amazing job with counting and shapes.  Zachary is settling in with the class as well.  He’s making lots of new friends! Kaylee knows all her colors and is quickly catching on to the shapes.  Veron is doing an amazing job in T3. Tristan is such a bright and happy boy. We have been working extremely hard with potty training and everyone is doing a great job. Your children have been working more with letters and names. We will be including Earth Day in many of our lessons to teach children how to make our world a better place. Also, we will be incorporating different activities to implement colors shapes and numbers. We are still encouraging all parents to bring in underwear and extra clothes for potty training. Reminder, please make sure to check your child’s cubby to make sure we have the appropriate clothing for the warmer weather coming.


Toddler 4: Happy Spring from Toddler 4.  We are super excited spring is here as we get to spend more time with exploring the outdoors.  As a class we are practicing hand over hand writing. Sophia is doing such a phenomenal job with practicing. Alyssa has almost mastered her colors.  Julia turns the big 3 this month and we are wishing her luck as she makes her way into the preschool classroom.  She’s been practicing cutting skills. Lillian, Joel, and Lacey are doing great with site words.  Charlotte is working on recognizing the letter at the beginning of a word.    Please remember to take your child’s winter clothes and boots home.  Also, please check your child’s clothes bin and make sure we have the appropriate clothing for the warmer weather coming. We will continue doing our name recognition, counting, and also our months of the year to get ready to move into Preschool! 


 Preschool 1: Dear Parents, Wow what can we say, March was filled with very much excitement.  We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, where the Leprechaun came and visited our classroom, leaving a trail of his feet prints and glitter all over the room.  We also welcomed Spring in by explaining signs of spring outside.  Here are the highlights of March.  We went over the letter R,S,T  the shape Oval and number 8.  Also, the children engaged in a scientific inquiry exploding colors. In April the children will review again the lesson of outer space and the planets as well as celebrating Earth Day.  We will talk about different things we recycle or trash and how to keep our Earth clean. Skills for this month include the following: fine motor skills, rhyming words, similarities /differences.  We are ready a great month!




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