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It is the international month of friendship which we will honor with discussions, stories, and encouragement on how to show love to friends.  It is national children’s dental health month, so we will begin introducing our students to health and nutrition which will play a greater role in the upcoming months.  We have a celebration planned for Valentine’s Day and encourage you to bring valentines for your child to share with their classmates.  Please let a staff member know if you would like our help in preparing valentines.  Our Valentine curriculum will feature many art explorations using theme colors and heart shapes to decorate our classroom. 

Please remember that the weather is colder and proper winter attire is required when the children go outside. Please make sure your child has a coat, hat, mittens or gloves, and boots as they go outside two times a day, weather permitting. Our staff would like to thank all the parents for their generous gifts given this Holiday season. They were greatly appreciated.

You must call before 9 a.m. if you are attending late.  If you do not call you will be removed from numbers for the day.

Weekly Tuition is due in by 10:00 a.m. on Friday morning on your invoice.  If your Tuition is not in by 10:00 a.m. on Friday morning you will be charged a $10.00 late fee per day, and the late fees will accumulate for every day that tuition is not received.

Important dates to remember:


Monday February 5, 2018: National Weatherman/Weatherwoman Day.

Wednesday February 7, 2018: National send a card to a friend day.  We will be making special cards to give to our friends in class.

Wednesday February 14, 2018:  Valentine’s Day Party.  A list of your child’s class will be sent out the second week of February if you would like to send in Valentine’s. 

Friday March 2, 2018: Dr. Seuss’s Birthday.

**Pizza day is EVERY Wednesday.  Your money ($4) must be handed in on the morning of, in order for your child to be on the list. **


What your children are doing:

Infant One:  Infant one is looking forward to February and the many things we will be doing.  Miss Victoria has still been working extremely hard on tummy time and a lot of floor time with the older infants to promote crawling and some of our soon to be walkers.  She would like to welcome Hudson who is starting this month!  We are excited for him to join us and meet his new friends.  Aiden, William, and Charlise have started to transition into our Infant two classroom!  They will permanently be in Infant two within the next couple of weeks.  Miss Victoria is excited for them but is going to miss them a lot!  Ava, Xander, and Mason have been extremely active lately.  They are on the verge of rolling over and really like the freedom of floor play to move around as much as they want.  All three of them have found a new obsession with the exersaucer.  They love playing with rattles and different textured toys while in it. Micah and Miles are getting used to the classroom and their surroundings.  Micah loves the swing and the bouncy chair.  His favorite activity is the floor play mat and watching the toys that dangle down.  Pretty soon he’ll start learning to use his hands to explore with the toys.  Miles is such a smiley boy and loves to cuddle.  He is starting to sleep in his crib a lot better and the other day he took a 3 hour nap in there which is awesome!  He loves to roll over onto his left side during floor play and when sleeping.  Miss Victoria is also trying to work with the babies on sleeping in their cribs.  A lot of them fall asleep in the swing or bouncy and then get moved to their crib which disrupts some of their sleep time.  She’s trying to get them in their crib before they fall asleep.  Maybe it’ll help parents at home as well! :)

Infant Two:   Miss Lexi is excited to welcome Charlise, Aiden, and William who are transitioning into her class.  She can’t wait to permanently have them in her class in the next couple of weeks.  So far they are doing great in her room.  William has started eating cereal and is doing such a great job!  He’s now rolling over, babbling a lot more, and loves to be tickled.  He is obsessed with the bouncer in Infant Two and the freedom he has to jump up and down in it.  Charlise is getting to be extremely talkative, she loves to babble!  Miss Lexi is working on a lot of tummy time with her to implement crawling.  Charlise and Aiden have been practicing how to wave and also give high fives.  Aiden has been transitioning well and enjoys the different activities.  Aiden is doing great with his jar foods; especially the apple and banana jar foods.  He’s army crawling everywhere so we have been working with him on exercises to promote crawling on his legs.  His army crawl is the cutest thing though!  Charles has been walking on his own well.  We have been practicing colors and shapes with him as well as his friends.  Charles loves doing art.  Charleigh has been doing extremely well with running/walking, doing art, and loves playing music on the piano.  She has become extremely comfortable and is used to her friends now.  Miss Lexi has been encouraging her to use her words and explaining more to her.  Miss Lexi has been promoting more sensory play, mini circle times, and self-feeding. 

Toddler One:  We would all like to welcome back Miss. Dhanyah! We are all so very happy and glade she has returned from maturity leave. Our newest friend Yashvi is doing well. She had made lots of new friends and loves art. Jackson has been talking do much and is so assertive. He makes all of our friends laugh. Zoe is also talking more and exploring in new interest centers. She loves circle time and claps to the songs. James is now sleeping on a cot! Yay! He is doing very well in Toddler 1 and loves all the room has to offer. Elle has been visiting in Toddler 1 when space is available, she loves circle time and kitchen center. Miss. Dhanyah will continue activities within the room to help stimulate vocabulary for our little ones. She has lots of fun sensory experiments and crafts to incorporate this Valentines Day Month. We will discuss and review emotions and examine faces and feelings.  Parents in Toddler 1 please make sure your children have weather appropriate attire to go outside and shoes are a must in this classroom. We try to go outside as much as we can when the weather permits it.


Toddler Two   Miss Kayla will be running almost every day with two teachers. Ms. Simone will be helping out as needed in this classroom. They would like to welcome their friend Hunter and Alex W.  to their classroom.  They are adjusting very well and love their teachers/friends.  A lot of our friends have been showing interest in going on the potty.  Jameson and Joey are still doing very well. They have been counting to 18 and focusing on sorting colors and matching shapes.  Ahleyah, Alex W, and Alex P have enjoyed working together to build with Legos and blocks.  Their team work on a daily basis is so cute!  Elijah has become more comfortable with sensory play and is really moving around the classroom during interest centers.  Gabriella and Hunter have been doing great using words to express their wants and needs.  They’re excited to celebrate Gabriella, Elijah, Alex W, and Miss Simone’s birthday this month!

Toddler Three:   We regret to inform you that Miss. Brianna will be leaving us. She is moving to Texas with her other half for 6 months. We hope after the 6 months she will return to us here at A Place To Grow. A Place to Grow wishes her well in her journey and hope she know she will be missed by us all. In her absence Miss. Kelly will be assisting Miss. Barbara in the classroom. Miss Barbara, Miss Brianna, Miss. Kelly and their toddlers have been enjoying this winter season.  They have been working closely on their manners and using words to express their needs/feelings.  All of our friends are able to identify their names on flashcards!  They also are able to find their names on their chairs at the table which is amazing.  They love circle time, story time, and educational games (sorting, matching, and counting).  They enjoy working on their puzzle skills and fine motor skills when using lacing cards during small group activities.  Greysyn, Sage, Norah, and Trinity are working hard on becoming potty trained.  Sofia, Paige, and Ellie are fully potty trained!  Congratulations!  Hannah is doing an amazing job trying to use the potty and recognizing her colors, shapes, and numbers.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Preschool/ School Age:  Heyyy its February! This month our Preschoolers will be exploring/rehearsing their birthday months. Once they we have a full understanding of our birthday months, we will move on to our Birthday numbers. Speaking of birthday month, we would like to wish Maddie, Annabeth and Miss, Susan a very Happy Birthday this Month! Annabeth is doing very well in her transition to preschool. She loves all the centers and does very well with the added independence. She has even peed on the potty a few times in preschool. Great Job Annabeth! This month we will be discussing, learning and exploring with some great themes. Love our pets, is a fun and exciting theme for our preschoolers. We get to discuss about the different type of pets and the jobs required to care for them. Classroom discussions will include if our preschoolers have pets at home and share with the class their experiences. Dental Heath week is also this month. We will be having a visit from the dentist. Date will be posted at a later time. The children will learn the importance of brushing and flossing three times a day. We also have some very exciting experiments planned to show our preschoolers what happens when we don’t brush our teeth and eat too much sweets! Right around Valentines Day! We will also be having a party so please look for goodies sigh up sheet. Finally, we sum our month up with my favorite Dr. Seuss Jamborees week. During this week we will press the importance of reading and work on rhyming words. Dr. Seuss really helps promote great literacy actives for our preschoolers and we cannot wait to work on them. We will be looking to have schedule guest readers come in and read to any classroom of their choice. We Thank you all in advance for your participation.


Have a great month!    The staff of A Place To Grow.


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