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                                                                                            July News

A Place to Grow hopes that our dad's enjoyed their "Bring Your Own Dad" (BYOD) celebration we had here at the center. We are so glad many of you were able to make it and hope you had a wonderful Father's Day!! This month we have a lot of special things to look forward to. Please remember that on Wednesday, July 4th, the center will be closed. We would like to wish all of our families a safe and Happy Holiday. On July 3rd, it’s wear red, white, and blue day.  We will also have on July 10th, Teddy Bear Picnic Day, where the children can bring in their favorite teddy bear and have it with them when they eat their lunch!  July 25th is National Ice Cream Day!  Because we are not in school that day, we will observe this national holiday on Friday July 23rd instead.  We will have a special ice cream treat to enjoy! Our water play began and has been a great success. Please remember to bring in sunscreen along with your child’s bathing suit, towel, and water shoes. A reminder that there are no open toed shoes allowed on the playgrounds.  Fall enrollments are filling up fast. If you need to reserve a spot for another child you should do so as soon as possible to be guaranteed a spot for the fall.  We sadly had to say good bye to a few preschoolers who are heading off to Kindergarten. What a wonderful celebration we had saying good bye. Watching these perfect little humans grow has been such a gift. Thank you for trusting us to do the best we can to help them feel safe and loved while you're not able to be with them! We wish them the best of luck in the special years ahead! 

If your child is out sick or going to be late, please remember to notify the center by 9 a.m.

This is just a reminder that tuition is due by Friday at 10 a.m through the invoice that is sent to you. For each day the tuition is late, there is a $10 charge PER DAY.

What’s happening in your child’s classroom

Infant One:  Miss Victoria and the babies have been having the best summer ever so far! Her class has been trying to go outside for walks as much as possible but some days have been way too hot for the little ones. When they do get out, they love it! Miss Victoria and friends would like to welcome Ethan and Blake to the program. They can't wait to meet Blake and welcome her with open arms. Ethan has been adjusting well to the classroom. He is generally such a happy/smiley baby. He loves anything that has to do with music and story time. His favorite
toys to explore are our rattles and he likes to try and grab them when he is in the bouncy chair.
He has been working on tummy time a lot and has been adjusting well to sleeping in his crib.
Hudson is officially able to sit up on his own
. Hudson has been doing a lot of tummy time lately
and practicing his crawling position to promote the mobility needed to start crawling. He's
doing so well sleeping in his crib and sometimes doesn't even need his back to be rubbed to fall
. He's been expressing himself vocally lately. He loves to experiment with the different
sounds he has learned how to make. His favorite noise so far sounds like a growl and he loves
to blow raspberries into the air
. He is too funny! Our older babies have been starting to bring
jar foods to eat during the day. They love it and are doing so well during feeding time. Miss
Victoria has been working on some hand signals for "more" and "all done". Miles has been able
to sit up on his own for a little while now and has perfec
ted the army crawl. He is constantly
moving around the classroom and seems so much happier that he is able to move to the things
he wan
ts. He loves his jar foods and knows that when he goes in the highchair, it's feeding
He is so funny with his bottles too. Once he sees his bottle he shakes his hands and
moves his feet excitedly until he gets it
into his mouth. Miss Victoria has also been working
with Miles on his crawling position to show him that he could soon support himself on his hands and knees. All ofthe babies are obsessed with water play in the sensory bin. Some like to stare at it while the others love to make waves! During mini circle time they have been exploring va
rious stories and finger plays. Miss Victoria has been trying to teach them how to wave and clap as well. Tommy is growing so fast. He is becoming more adventurous and has been reaching and grasping any toys that come his way. He loves anything with music and is doing great with tummy time. He has rolled over at home so they have been trying to get him to do it here. No luck yet, but Miss Victoria thinks it will happen soon. Bryce has adjusted well. They have been trying to incorporate tummy time a lot more but he really likes sitting in the bumbo. He has found a new strength in his legs to be able to stand and play in the exersaucer. He loves to play with the toys in it and likes to people watch too. He has been reaching and grabbing onto a lot of toys lately. He loves to be vocal and have conversations with his teachers.

Infant 2:  The hot weather is finally here! Miss lexi, Miss Myranda, and our infant two friends
love it! All of our friends have been growing at full speed now. William has been doing great
with drinking from his sippy cup, scooting backwards, and loves anything to do with music play.
Charllse has been taking some steps, practicing eating at the table, and has been self-feeding a
lot. Aiden has been working on his walking skills, has been self-feeding for snack and lunches,
and has been practicing eating at the table. Mason's new found love is clapping. He could do it
all day if he wanted to. He is crawling around like crazy and loves to squeal when he's excited
about something. He has been doing great with eating some solids on his own. Micah has
been working on his Sitting skills. He is getting better each and every day! He loves eating jar
food now and likes tummy time. They have been encouraging him to crawl because he loves to
be on the floor on his stomach a lot
. Xander has been scooting backwards and turns himself
around on
the floor well! He is doing great with his increase in solids and loves to eat his
cheese puffs and puffs on his own. He's been saying "Dada" a lot and loves playing with his
friends during floor time. Charles has been doing great with sharing toys with his friends. He's
been using a lot of words lately and has been a pro at eating at the table. We can't wait to see
what the month of July has to offer!

Toddler 1:  Miss Dhanyah and friends have been working hard on their communications skills so they can express their feelings.  She has been implementing sign language a lot for her friends that are not quite using their words yet. They have been responding well and all of them know to say more, all done, and thank you using sign language. They have been practicing counting to ten in English and Spanish. The children love to hear the difference in another language. As a class, they have also been working on sharing and being caring towards others. Elle has been very curious and adventurous lately. She enjoys learning new things on a daily basis and has been working on how to express herself when trying to communicate with her friends. She likes to climb a lot and go outside! Zoe has been talking so much. She has become such a social butterfly and loves talking to her friends. She is getting to be more familiar with letter flashcards during circle time and knows how to sing all of her ABC's. Jackson has been doing so well with the alphabet and knows every name of the picture being shown next to the letter. He can count to
twenty and has been working on learning his colors and shapes. Yashvi is becoming more vocal
and has been doing more on her own. She loves to participate during circle time and listening
to the songs we sing. She loves to play with baby dolls with her friends and going outside. 

Toddler 2:   Our friends in Toddler 2 have been busy as we enter our summer season. Water
play has been lots of fun! We are going to miss Elijah and wish him the best summer ever.
Makayla and luke are adjusting to Miss Rachel, Miss Alanis, and their friends. Makayla and
Emma have grown to like each other and seem to be best friends. They love building with
blocks together. Luke loves everyone in the classroom and being outside. He is obsessed with
playing with the balls outside. Gabriella and Ahleyah love reading books with each other and playing with the baby dolls.  Gabriella has been doing a great job sitting on the potty with all of her friends. Alex W is doing great with his colors and is improving with knowing his shapes. He has been talking a lot more and communicating with his friends. As a whole class, we will be continuing to work on our colors, shapes, practicing hand-aver-hand name tracing, and letter recognition.

Toddler 3:   The nice warm weather is here and our Toddler 3 friends love it! June was a lot of
fun and we really enjoyed celebrating Father's day with our male role models. We are very
excited for the rest of summer and water play on the playground. During group time, Miss
Barbara and Miss Cheyene have been working very dil
igently on flashcards, puzzles, and also
exploring our senses in the sand and water table. Our friends are still working very hard on
their potty training skills. We would like to congratulate Jameson, Hannah, Greysyn, and
rah. They are now completely potty trained. Our friends Sage and Sash a are so close.
We've also been working on using our words to make our wants/needs known. We have also
been practicing using our manners (saying please, thank you, and excuse me). 

Preschool:  Miss Makayla would like to congratulate her preschool graduates: River, Daniel,
Elijah, Marvell, Rosemarie, and Michael! Your preschool friends wish you good luck in
Kindergarten and they will truly miss you all
. Summer curriculum has officially started and
would like to remind parents that water play is starting! Please don't forget to send your child
in with a bathing suit, water shoes, and towel so they can part
icipate in all ofthe fun. Water
play bags will be sent home at the end of the week to be washed and brought back after the
. We had so much fun during wacky week. We loved dressing up and seeing
everyone's wacky outfits all week. Miss Makayla would like to welcome Trinity and Greysyn to
our class. We are so excited our new friends are joining us!

Important Dates

July 3rd- Wear red, white, and blue day

July 4th – Independence Day. Center is CLOSED

July 10th- Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July 23rd – National Ice Cream Day





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