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                                                                                            April News

Spring has finally sprung!  We are extremely excited for the longer days and warmer weather ahead.  As the weather begins to get warmer, please remember that the children will go out two times a day. Please make sure to pack extra clothing in case they get wet from the melting snow. We would also like to remind parents that our Infant 1 and Infant 2 rooms are a shoe free zone. Our new Toddler 1 room is not, even though it is on that side of the building.

            We are excited for all of our spring themes coming up and teaching the children about various things that happen in spring.  We will be focusing on “Growth”.  Flowers, trees, plants, and humans are growing all the time!  We plan to incorporate more outdoor activities and maybe some spring scavenger hunts that allow us to explore nature. 

Important/Fun Dates:

April 10, 2018-National Siblings Day!

April 12, 2018-National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!  If you’re feeling up to it, pack a Grilled Cheese for your child’s lunch.

April 22, 2018- Earth Day

April 25, 2018-National Penguin Day and PICTURE Day!

April 26, 2018-National Pretzel Day


            Keep in mind that Wednesday is Pizza Day. For $4 your child will receive 2 slices of cheese pizza, a healthy snack and drink. You would pay on that morning.

            If your child is out sick or going to be late for the day, please remember to notify the center by 9 a.m.

            A reminder that tuition is now done through your email account in which you receive an invoice. This payment must still be paid by 10:00 a.m. on Fridays to avoid the $10 late fee. For each day the tuition is late, there is a $10 charge per day.



What’s happening in your child’s classroom

Infant 1:  We have been so busy!  The babies are now sprouting so fast (Spring pun intended).  Mason and Ava are becoming professionals with eating solids.  They get so excited when it’s time to sit in the high chair and gobble up all that goodness.  Ava is now sitting up and really loves to explore her surroundings.  We are still working with Mason on sitting and he is SO close.  We’ve been working hard to promote the first stages of crawling with them as well.  They really like to push their legs on our hands while they are on their tummy.  Hudson has adjusted to our room so well.  He is more awake throughout the day and is becoming quite adventurous.  He loves his hands, grabbing toys, and LOVES tummy time.  His neck muscles have improved which makes play time super fun now.  He loves to be rocked to go to sleep and has been sleeping in his crib!  Miles loves floor time and snuggles.  We are working with him on being able to roll on his tummy and back onto his back.  He loves to roll from side to side underneath the play mat and ends up on his stomach most of the time.  We have started some sitting exercises with him as well and he loves them.  Micah has been improving a lot as well.  He has also become more adventurous and playful during the day.  He loves his hands and grabbing toys.  He is always super smiley and loves to be sung to.  We have increased his tummy time and floor play to help him strengthen some of his muscles a little bit more and he loves it.  Miss Victoria has some fun Spring activities and art planned for their babies.  We can’t wait to see them!

Infant 2:    We have so many improvements to talk about this month!  We are so proud of everyone’s accomplishments and their growth since last newsletter.  Aiden has been standing on his own, babbling, waving, giving high-fives, clapping, crawling like a pro, and eating more solids.  We have been working on having him take steps which looks like it might happen so soon.  William has been starting to sit up, loves sensory play, talks so much, and loves jumping in the exersaucer.   He has been doing amazing with eating his solids and we have been working closely with him on clapping, waving, and standing.  Charlise has been standing up on her own, waving, talking, loves water play, has been eating more solids, and has been working on walking and giving high-fives.  Charleigh has been working on sitting at the table, sharing, sleeping on a cot, drinking from a cup, and using her words so she can transition soon into the next classroom!  She loves playing in the sensory table.  Xander is a pro at eating his solids, he is always happy, loves exploring in the exersaucer, and loves water sensory play.  We have been working on our sitting exercises and clapping.   

Toddler 1:  This month we are excited to be working on learning our manners (please, thank you, and you’re welcome) and implementing more hands-on sensory activities.  They LOVE when we put water on the table and soap.  They love moving their hands to make bubbles and like the responsibility of wiping their hands and the table with paper towels after to help clean up!  James has been learning about sharing, learning words from our flashcards, going on the potty, and having more independent responsibilities.  Jackson is doing so well.  He knows all of his colors, shapes, and knows all of the flashcards that we do.  Elle loves dancing, sharing with friends, using simple words, and answering yes or no.  Yashvi is getting used to her classmates, loves circle time, and we have been implementing more colors and shapes.  She loves playing with the baby dolls in kitchen.  We are still working with her on being a little more independent in some of our daily routines.  Emma is doing so well working on her colors, loves circle time, loves singing songs, and is becoming so independent in some of our daily routines.  We are excited to see more growth in the month of April!

Toddler 2: Everyone is doing so well!  We have been working on getting to know most of our shapes and colors.  Joseph knows most shapes and we have been working with him on his colors.  Alex P. and Alex W.  know the colors Red, Blue, and Green.  Letter recognition has been incorporated into their day as well!  Potty training has been going well and everyone is improving at their own pace.  They all love going with their friends to the potty and sitting/attempting/going pee or poop!  Our friends have been working on sharing, using our manners, and exploring more in group activities.  Group activities encourage them to work with each other a little more and strengthen their communication skills.  We are looking forward to what Spring has to offer. 

Toddler 3: We are all doing fabulous in Toddler three!  Our friends have been making incredible progress with using their words to make their needs and wants known.  We are practicing our alphabet, colors, and shapes.  All of our friends are doing very well with their potty training.  Sofia, Ellie, and Paige are fully potty trained.  The rest of our friends are improving at their own pace!  Sofia likes to look at book.  She loves to sit on the couch with her favorite books around her.  Sage, Hannah, Norah, Paige, and Trinity loves to play in the dramatic play area cooking and taking care of the baby dolls.  Ellie and Sasha like to play educational games at the table.  We look forward to warmer days ahead!

Preschool: Busy is the word of the month here! In honor of springtime, and fueled by our “growing” food segment from March we are going to be learning all about GROWING in April. This is a topic that has all the children buzzing! They are increasingly aware that they are growing bigger and bigger each day, so we will embrace this in our classroom through art, science, and reading this month. We are going to focus on the life cycle of plants in our science area, including activities of: sprouting seeds in the windows, planting plant sprouts for each child to care for, and measuring our friends.  We will also create collages with various seeds, practice math concepts with sorting and counting seeds.  They already love observing their sprouts in the window and have been watching/observing our caterpillars.  We can’t wait for them to turn into pretty butterflies. 


We wish you all a great month!

From APTG Staff

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